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Hairwraps are a huge hit, especially for the holidays. Threads and Silks are used to wrap around the hair, different colours and designs used making each one individual. Beads, charms and feathers can be added to the ends, giving it a little extra. Charges depend on the length of the hair, measured by inches.


Synthetic coloured extensions are applied to the hair using a micro bead to secure them in. Again these are hudely popular and a cheaper alternative to Hairwraps as they do not take long to apply.


Jo also offers ready made hairwraps, that are applied by plaiting a small amount of hair with the ready made hairwrap attached at the top, so when the plait is removed the Hairwrap is too.


Other hair accessories and matching cotton bracelets are available.


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Hair Wraps generally last 2-4 weeks, depending on hair type; Wraps with fine hair don’t tend to last as long. It is recommended to remove Wraps after 6 weeks.

• DO NOT lather or wash the wrap, if it gets wet when showering squeeze dry. Rinse well after going in Chlorinated water/swimming pools, squeeze dry, colours may fade a little.

• DO NOT pull, fiddle and play with the wrap, this could cause the hairs at the base of the wrap to break off leaving a bald patch.

• DO NOT bend the wrap as this can create gaps between the threads and reveal the hair underneath.

• DO NOT chew on the beads, accessories or the thread.

When brushing hair be careful not to break hairs at the base of the wrap. When you sleep tie hair and wrap in a ponytail so you don’t break base hairs as you rest your head.

Repair - If the wrap comes undone at the end, you can wrap the threads back around the hair and re-tie but you will need to tie further up the hair as you won’t have enough thread to tie exactly where it was before. If you want to make extra sure the wrap won’t come untied at the bottom you can paint over the bottom with clear nail varnish to help it stay together but you will have to cut this off if you want to unwrap it at any point.

Removal –To remove the wrap untie at the bottom and unravel, this takes time but will save the hair in the wrap, be aware that there may have been breakages in strands of hair near the scalp.


Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions usually last up to 4 weeks depending on the hair type Extensions on fine hair tend to not last as long. It is recommended to remove the Hair Extension after 6 weeks.

• DO – Wash hair as normal. Squeeze the extension dry after showering/swimming.

• DO - Rinse well after going in chlorinated water/swimming pools, colours may fade

• DO – Be careful when brushing hair near to the scalp to avoid breakages in hair strands.

• DO NOT - use hair straighteners or curling tongs on them, the extension will melt!

• DO NOT – Fiddle, pull and play with the extension, to avoid breakages in hair strands close to the scalp and the extension sliding down the hair and coming out.

• DO NOT– chew on the hair extension or any of the accessories

TO REMOVE: Hair Extensions are clamped onto a small section of hair with a silicone micro-ring. To remove simply squeeze the flattened ends of the ring with a pair of pliers.






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